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Anthony Bjorn Graham


Name: Anthony Bjorn Graham

Specification: US NATO Medical Specialist

Diplomat Reference Number: 13497nusc
Deployment State/Country: Israel/Gaza Strip
Account Identity: 56705NDF
Level Salary: $290,500

Research Interests:
Medical Vaccines ,Nuclear warfare, Covert and intelligence operations 

*level 5 clearance needed *


Anthony Bjorn Graham was born into a military family. His father served for over 36 years in the Norwegian Army , His Mother was a Nurse from Arkansas.
Anthony Bjorn Graham enrolled in the American Academy of Internal Medicine, he graduated from the Medical Academy as a Specialist in 1986. He served as a Medical Specialist with the 17th Armored Brigade, the 1st Army Corps Logistic Command, and as commander of the 131st Heavy Surgical Field Hospital Company before training as a COMEDS officer at The Military Health Institute and as a Military Health Care Specialist at the Institute. He then contributed and led several strategic health system reform initiatives as a Medical Specialist and as a Senior Chief of the Army Surgeon General's Medical Policy Branch. He was appointed the first commander of the Institute for Co-operation  and Partnership-Hospitals in 2003, Commander of the Health Care Agency Group in 2004, and Specialist Surgeon General in 2007. He was elected Member of the Committee of Chiefs of Military Medical Services in NATO in 2009, the North Atlantic Alliance's Senior Medical Specialist.  Within His term of Service, He spent several months as commander of all American forces deployed in Israel, Syria and Afghanistan.
He was made a Knight in The Royal Norwegian Order of Merit and awarded the Honorary Medal of the Interallied Confederation of Medical Reserve Specialists.
  • Actively deployed in Israel/Gaza Strip
  • Bibliography of Anthony  Bjorn Graham, (born June 10) is a Member of the Committee of Chiefs of Military Medical Services in NATO 
  • with over 20 years of experience working on European political and security issues under four U.S. Administrations. Before coming to NATO as Medical Specialist
  • Anthony Bjorn Graham Has a B.A. from Oslo University and an M.A. in international relations from George Washington University. He was  married to Martha Graham who died of cancer, the marriage was blessed with a daughter.
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