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Anthony Melendez Graham

Name: Anthony Melendez Graham


Soldier Reference Number: 134547ntsc
Deployment State/Country: Syria
Account Identity: 56789efgh
Level Salary: $90,000

Research Interests:
Nuclear warfare,Covert and intelligence operations 

Office Phone
*level 5 clearance needed *


B.S. United States Naval Academy. 


Anthony Melendez Graham born into a military family. His father served for over 40 years in the Norwegian Army , which included three years of service as a battalion commander  . Anthony Melendez Graham  was educated at the United States Naval Academy. He has a Bachelors  Degree in Physics ,He then dedicated himself to the field and covert operations , receiving medals and serving with honor and valor , He volunteered for deployments in Afghanistan in  2012 in the North Arabian sea on board USS John C Stennis , He is currently an Admiral in the US NAVY and is actively deployed .
  • Actively deployed in Syria 

Bibliography of Anthony Melendez Graham, (born June 10th, 1968) is a four-star admiral in the United States Navy who has previously served many tours , He worked also with the  Naval Nuclear Propulsion Program under the intelligence department . While serving in the Naval Nuclear propulsion program he was responsible for the command of units and tasked with the safe gathering of reliable intelligence and  operation, to further protect and serve  the United States Navy's nuclear propulsion program and for all the current United States naval reactors deployed for usage as well as all facilities needed to ensure safe operations.

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