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This portal was designed to guide readers through the business opportunities offered by various NATO bodies and organisations.  It is a gateway to more detailed information, accessible on the respective organizations’ websites, which may require security credentials.

The importance of a stronger relationship with industry was acknowledged at recent NATO Summits in Lisbon and Wales.  NATO has developed a Framework for NATO-Industry Engagement (PDF) which is currently guiding the development of initiatives for implementation.

To fulfill its mission NATO needs capabilities, which are primarily developed by industry; consequently the organisation has developed a spectrum of relationships with industry. At the non-contractual or pre-competitive level NATO interacts with industry through the NATO Industrial Advisory Group (NIAG), the Framework for Collaborative Interaction (FFCI), the NATO Industry Cyber Partnership (NICP) and the NATO-Industry Forum, as well as through conferences, symposia and seminars. At contractual level the relationship with industry is governed by NATO procurement rules and primarily managed by NATO Agencies.



NATO Industrial Advisory Group (NIAG)

The NATO Industrial Advisory Group (NIAG) is a high-level consultative and advisory body of senior industrialists from NATO member countries, acting as a forum for free exchange of views on industrial, technical, economic, managerial and other relevant aspects of the research, development and production of defence and security equipment within the Alliance.


NATO Industry Cyber Partnership (NICP)

NATO is deepening its cyber defence engagement with industry to enhance the protection of the Alliance’s networks as part of an open, transparent and mutually beneficial partnership: the NATO Industry Cyber Partnership (NICP), an initiative endorsed at the 2014 NATO Summit in Wales.


Allied Command Transformation (ACT)

ACT leads continuous NATO Military Transformation in order to enhance effectiveness in current and future operations through the innovative development and delivery of training, education, capabilities, doctrine and concepts. For more information follow the links to contracting opportunities or the Framework For Collaborative Interaction (FFCI).


Allied Command Operations (ACO)

Allied Command Operations is the Strategic Command responsible to plan and execute all NATO operations. ACO structure comprises a strategic level headquarters (SHAPE – Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe), two Joint Force Commands, and Air, Land and Maritime Commands.

More information about doing business with ACO.


Science and Technology Organisation (STO)

The STO is the main NATO venue for Defence and Security Science and Technology. Its mission is to promote and conduct collaborative research to support capability development and partnership objectives and to provide strategic advice to NATO decision-makers. The STO consists of the Collaborative S&T Support Office (CSO) in Neuilly-sur-Seine, the Centre for Maritime Research and Experimentation(CMRE) in La Spezia and the Office of the Chief Scientist at NATO HQ.

General information about doing business with CMRE.


NATO Communications and Information (NCI) Agency

The NATO Communications and Information (NCI) Agency connects forces, NATO and Nations where and when required, by providing interoperable Communications and Information Systems and services and state-of-the-art C4ISR capabilities, including cyber and missile defence. In strengthening the Alliance, the Agency applies industry best practices and provides a full life-cycle approach: from analysis and concept development, through experimentation and capability development, to operations and maintenance for both missions and exercises.


NATO Support and Procurement Agency

NSPA provides integrated solutions for logistics, operational and systems support and services, to NATO and its Nations and Partners. Products and services are contracted with business and industry primarily located in NATO nations. The firms registered in the NSPA Supplier Database can bid on NSPA requirements. Here is the list of all Future Business Opportunities”.


NATO HQ Procurement Service

NATO HQ is the political and administrative centre of the Alliance and the permanent home of the North Atlantic Council, which is NATO’s senior political decision-making body. Most of NATO HQ business opportunities relate to the day-to-day running of the headquarters (ICT, construction works, facility management, maintenance, consultancy services, etc.).


Defence Investment Division (DI)

The Defence Investment Division is at the forefront of the development and delivery of capabilities covering the full range of military missions. Particular focus is put on the development of common funded capabilities but also on capabilities related to Smart Defence and the Connected Forces Initiative, aimed at achieving the goals set out by NATO Heads of State and Government. In addition the DI Division provides support to the Conference of National Armaments Directors (CNAD) and its substructure, to the Integrated Air and Missile Defence Committee, and to the Aviation Committee.<.p>

The Defence Investment Division is also responsible for the overall relationship with industry for which it has developed an Industrial Relations website, reflecting the efforts to improve Trans-Atlantic Defence technological and Industrial Cooperation (TADIC).

Suggestions for the improvement of this portal, as well as proposals (technical, procedural, etc.) outside the remit of the NATO bodies and organisations above (so called unsolicited or spontaneous proposals), are welcome here.