NATO’s Visual Identity Guidelines

The perception of NATO is directly reflected in the way we present our Visual Identity within the Alliance and to our global audiences. This requires a consistent approach to the development of communication methods with a clear outline of Visual Identity Guidelines (VIGs).

The proper and consistent use of the NATO logo, and its cross-platform integration, reinforces the Alliance’s public image and enduring international presence.

The manual with the VIGs is primarily for communication professionals such as graphic and web designers, communication agencies, and others working with design or production of communication materials.

Adherence to these guidelines throughout the Alliance as well as by our external project partners and service providers is overseen by the NATO Public Diplomacy Division, Communications Services. Implementation of these guidelines is overseen by the NATO Executive Management Division, Graphic Design Unit.

Third parties wishing to use the NATO logo must seek permission from the NATO Public Diplomacy Division before using the NATO logo.

Download the full technical manual in English or French (2016 edition):

NATO’s Visual Identity Guidelines 

Guide d’identité visuelle de l’OTAN

For questions or comments contact: 

NATO Public Diplomacy Division

For technical guidance on the use of the NATO logo or VIGs on any communications product contact:

NATO Graphic Design Unit 



Note: Electronic templates of stationery referred to in Chapter 4 of the updated guidelines are not yet available. Executive Management will be rolling these out to NATO staff in the near future. Pre-printed stationery can be obtained, as usual, through the NATO Graphic Design Unit.